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Software Developer

Dec 2022 - Jun 2023

Worked at Berty, an open-source P2P messaging app.
- Created a network driver (along with its unit tests) to adapt features based on network conditions.
- Developed a cross-platform logger to simplify debugging.
- Identified & fixed various bugs, including a pesky crash causing the entire UI to freeze.
- Followed the Scrum/Agile methodologies (daily meetings + weekly video reports in English).

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Creator and Maintainer

Aug 2021 - Present

Developed a simple open-source JavaScript syntax highlighter using Regex. Streamlined deployment workflow using GitHub Actions.

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$ projects

Gameboy Emulator


- Developed a Gameboy emulator from scratch in Rust, featuring an integrated debugger, disassembler, and a user-friendly GUI.
- Set up a CI/CD pipeline to automatically create Flatpak builds.

3D Wireframe Renderer


Developed a 3D wireframe viewer in C, utilizing the minimalist 42's minilibx library. Reimplemented the graphical library in JavaScript to create a web demo using WebAssembly.



- Created a web-based Tetris game with multiplayer using websockets.
- Created a custom font from scratch.
- Designed the website.

3D Projects


Modeled, shaded, and lit many 3D projects with Blender.


C++Dynamic librariesSDL2SFMLRaylibFigma

Developed a Snake game and a bot with three distinct graphical libraries that can be seamlessly loaded and switched at runtime. Designed graphical assets using Figma.

And so much more! github.com/matubu

$ education

Master's Degree in Computer Architecture

Oct 2021 - 2024

Excelled in the one-month-long 42's selection pool at 14 years old. Surpassed the final Level 21. Completed over 40 projects, both collaboratively and independently, across cybersecurity, low-level programming, and web development. Meet amazing people :)

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