Hello! I'm Mathias...

Passionate about Cybersecurity, Hardware, UI/UX, I am a computer science student at 42 Nice, pursuing a Master's degree in IT Architecture Expert (RNCP 7)

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My experience.

Within my role at Berty, an open-source decentralized messaging app, my primary focus was the development of a cross-platform logger and network driver in Go, Swift, Objective-C, and Java. Additionally, I played a role in resolving bugs within the Berty app

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My education.

I am currently studying at 42, an innovative IT school. After one month of selection in July 2021, I started in October 2021 and finished the 42 cursus. I have completed over 40 student projects and exceeded the final level (the level 21)

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My projects.

Reverse engineeringBinary exploitationWeb exploitationForensic analysisHardware security

Passionate about challenges, I actively participate in CTF competitions, specializing in reverse engineering, binary exploitation and hardware security but also learning about web exploitation and forensic analysis

CCryptographic algorithms

I have implemented many cryptographic algorithms in C including sha256, sha512, md5, sm3, des-ecb, des-cbc, des-ede, aes, rsa...

Web server

A HTTP/1.1 web server made in C++ with support for CGI, autoindex, routing, config files and more


A minimalist shell made in C supporting pipes, redirections, builtins, heredoc

Raspberry PI Robot
C++ArduinoRaspberry PIJavascript

A robotic tank controlled via a Web interface made in Javascript and with a C++ backend running on an Arduino

3D Wireframe

A wireframe renderer made in C using the low-level 42's minilibx library


A raytracer made in C using the low-level 42's minilibx library

Speed Highlight JS

A personal, open-source syntax highlighter made in Javascript using Regex published on Github, NPM and deno.land/x


A web based, networked, multiplayer, tetris game using websockets

GPU renderer

A GPU based renderer made in Rust using glium OpenGL wrapper


A web based, multiplayer chess game made using Svelte and WebSockets featuring rankings, a chat, tournaments, and more


A web based, networked, multiplayer, pong game using WebRTC featuring leaderboards, a chat, match stream, rankings, and more


Many 3D projects modeled, shaded and lit with Blender in my spare time

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My skills.

My hobbies.

Passionate about rock climbing, Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges, and code optimization. Alongside I have a strong interest for 3D modeling and UI/UX design

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Feel free to contact me. I am looking for new challenging opportunities

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